Content Marketing

Creating Content that increases your brand reach and conversion.

Content marketing is the most effective way of attracting the attention of potential customers. It not only helps you to build trust and authority within your industry, but it also contributes to indirect and direct sales. Whether it’s producing or distributing editorial, videos, animations and everything in between, being a content creator can be a full-time job. Our Content Marketing Strategists take a scientific approach to inbound marketing and content marketing campaigns using hard data to craft the perfect strategy to achieve client goals.


Our Content Marketing Services Include

Landing Pages

Website content

Landing pages

Blog posts & Ad copy

Video Production

Outreach and Paid Campaign content

Downloadable guides

Newsletter & Email marketing content

PR & outreach articles

Brand snapshots & buyer personas

Presentation & Infographics Content


At Marketing Multiply, we produce and deliver content strategies day in, day out. Not only that, but everything we create and run for your brand is measurable and traceable. It’s all about tangible KPIs we can report on. We create integrated content campaigns with SEO, paid media, outreach and reporting expertise in-house and can refine ads and content to make sure they work properly for your brand.

You could waste days trying to create and manage your campaigns, but why should you? We listen to exactly what you need from your content campaign and deliver the results. If you want brand recognition, tangible results and content that draws your customers in, we mold our approach accordingly:

Research & Strategy + -

At Marketing Multiply, our research methods allow us to get to know your industry, your brand and your audience quickly and intimately. As part of our strategy, we’ll research your competitors, industry trends and ‘hot’ topics to present ideas for regular long-form content

Creative Roadmap + -

Having aligned our strategy with your objectives, we’ll have an internal content brainstorm that involves many of our different digital marketing specialists. After our initial brainstorm, we will present you with a number of creative ideas that we can explore and build upon together with your team. This will help us refine our selection and put together campaign summaries and a holistic roadmap.

Content Creation + -

Now we have the vision and the project planned out, the collaborative effort starts. We create fresh content for you that doesn’t only read and look good but is also bound to help you succeed. By collaborating with our experts across all our teams, our content marketing executives plan and implement creative ways to inform, educate and entertain your key target audience. Once we have done our research, defined our strategy and planned out our campaign ideas, we can create superb content for you that doesn’t only read and look good but is also bound to help you meet your goals.

Promote & Promote + -

With a content in place, we begin the promotion process. Once we create the high quality content, our next job is to ensure that it gets seen by your target audiences which will help you achieve your goals, whether you want to increase brand awareness or get your sales to skyrocket. We aim to work according to the 80/20 rule: 20% of our allocated resources go towards content creation and 80% towards outreach.

Performance Analysis + -

All content that we create is designed with performance in mind – content objectives, targets and tracking methods are defined early on, in the strategy stage. Once we know where we’re headed, we find creative ways to get there and follow the road to success through excellent execution. From social and referral traffic to sign-ups and sales, we’ll paint a good picture of how your audience finds your content and how they behave when on-site.

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