PPC Management

We don’t just put up ads and change bids, we provide insights that can change your business.

We at Marketing Multiply believe that Paid search (PPC) is essential for generating immediate traffic from important keywords, and when done right it allows you to control the message on the results page. We track on your specific customer segments – how they come to the market, how they become brand-aware, and what drives them to convert – and then we deliver targeted ads that change based upon who is doing the search. Our campaigns customize based upon their location, their device, their search path – even whether they are a current customer.


Ad Copy & Testing

Keyword Research

Bid Management

Mobile Ad Strategy

Remarketing & Targeted Ads

Display & Google Ads

Social Advertising

Landing Page creation

PPC account audits

Video Advertising


Marketing Multiply, a top-notch PPC management company in Australia, possesses unparalleled experience and skills in PPC campaign management. Our process is one where we are always iterating and refining campaigns and landing pages to ensure that your campaigns continue to experience better conversion rates, lower CPC, and higher CTRs, all of which result in a better return on investment.

Optimum Keyword Research + -

Keywords make or break a PPC campaign. If the wrong keywords are chosen, or if they are grouped in the wrong way, clickthroughs and conversions are unlikely to reach a critical mass and make PPC advertising pay off. We at Marketing Multiply enable new PPC campaigns to hit the ground running, and have the potential to transform mediocre campaigns into winners.

Robust PPC Strategy + -

PPC strategy is formulated by addressing a number of issues in different areas including: client business objectives; budget; intent; geography; performance; and testing. Marketing Multiply will determine the primary goal of your campaign, consider issues, cover them all and you will have a rock solid AdWords bid strategy and a successful B2B or B2C campaign.

Build Sales Foundation + -

Marketing Multiply tests every campaign with the goal of reaching an ever more relevant target audience, as well as an ever-larger one. Through continual refinements in keyword selection, ad messaging, landing page content/design and technical campaign management, we find better audience segments. In addition, because we validate PPC inquiries by reading every form and listening to every phone call generated by the campaign, we draw the client’s attention to high-quality leads, empowering them to take action while the leads are still hot.

Insightful Reporting + -

PPC campaigns should always be measured to the core. Reports should provide details about tactical and strategic activity that took place during the month, such as major keyword changes, bid strategy adjustments, A/B split tests conducted and test results. Our PPC specialists prepare customized, monthly reports detailing what work was completed, along with an action plan moving forward.

Budget Optimization + -

The main goals of paid search optimization is to improve clickthrough rate (CTR) and conversion rate (CVR). We believe that Strategic budget management is a must to ensure each campaign performs at maximum efficiency.  Our experts ensure CTR improvements from continuous split testing of ad text; CVR improvements from testing of destination pages and using historical data to pause underperforming campaigns, ad groups and keywords.

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